Posting Rule

Posting Rule

Here are some Rules & Regulations for posting an ad in SmacyAds. One should follow strictly in order to publish an ad. Ad title, description, price and image must be relavant to each other.Upload image should be original. Please do not upload watermark images of others. Please do not use abuse words in your content otherwise your ad will be blocked / deleted without prior notifications.Do not post any fake/false ad contents otherwise your ad will be deleted

Ad content should be original, genuine or real. It should follow the correct image and text format in accordance with the Smacyads.If anything wrong it will not be published in any manner.Dubicate entry will be strictly prohibited.Smacyads will not be held responsible for any future enquiry confirmation about the ads after posting in our site.All ads will be available in our site in a stipulated period only.

Violent contents are strickly prohibited and should be punishable in accordance with the law.All ads should be in any language and it should be approved by smacyads.



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